Updated 21.10.2023

My name is Hans Christian Ihlen-Abelson and I'm full-stack software engineer, living and working in Norway.
I work in my own consultant company DEVZ, currently full time for Aize.

QuickInstaller is a personal project I've been wanting to do for many years and started making QuickInstaller in late 2018.
I've had so many different computers over the years and I've spent so much time downloading the latest version of all the software I use, and of course keep all my software up-to-date.
That and the fact I just love everything that can be done effective, easy and save time.

For the time being I'm working on QuickInstaller alone, but I'm' interested in getting help from others.
If you are a good C# software engineer/coder/WPF-designer and want to contribute, please let me know!